Year 5 W.C 25 Jan 2021

Year 5 Art Project - please read

In this Friday's Art lesson, the children will be adding Ben Day dots to their self-portrait to create their final piece. In order for them to do this, they will ideally work on a photocopied image of their tracing paper drawing. If you are unable to photocopy the tracing paper drawing at home, please bring your child's tracing paper drawing into school by Thursday to be copied. A photocopied image would then be ready for collection from school on Friday morning. Please ensure your child's drawing is clearly labelled with their name and class.

We of course appreciate that this may be an inconvenience and not everyone will be able to do this. We are just giving parents this option so that we are offering their children the same opportunity as the children who are in school. As an alternative, the children can apply their dots to the tracing paper, but the result may not be as effective as on paper.